How come to Yours Kitayama

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From Kyoto station by bus

If you come to Yours Kitayama by bus, please get on No.9 city bus, and get off at OmiyaTajiricho.

I think you had better go to Tourist Information first,and get the bus map(Bus-Navi),and ask to check the bus stop"OmiyaTajiricho" on the bus map,then it is very easy.

Kyoto-station map

Kyoto Tourist Information center is on pedestrian walkway in Kyoto station 2nd Floor.

When you get on No.9-city-bus at Kyoto stn, please go to B-area where is in front of Kyoto-stn.

Bus Navi
Bus Navi(city bus map)
Bus Navi(city bus guide)

It takes about 30-45 minutes from Kyoto-stn to Yours Kitayama by No.9 bus depending on traffic situation.

Time table :No.9-city-bus from Kyoto-stn to Nishigamo-Shako via Omiya-Tajiricho

Bus stop

KamigamoMishonobashi(No,Kita3) For Kitaoji station Kyoto Sangyo University

 Map of bus stop

Timetable of city bus  No.4  No.9  No.37  No.46

The Place of Public phone around OmiyaTajiricho, OmiyaMinamibayashicho,Kamogawachugakumae,Kamigamo-shirine


  Time table of subway Kitaoji station for Kyoto station,Takeda and Nara


6 minutes from Kitaoji station and Kitayama station (710-800 yen)
25 minutes from Kyoto station 2500 yen

Access to Universities

Kyoto Sangyo University(1900m) Bukkyo University(1500m) Otani University(1600m) Kyoto Prefectural University(2400m) Doshisha Univercity(2800m) Ritsumeikan University(3900m) Kyoto Institute of Technology (National Kyoto University of Industrial Arts and Textiles)(4000m) Kyoto Seika University(4200m) Kyoto University(4800m)


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